No More Roach Problems!

No More Roach Problems!

Roach Problems

So my four siblings and my parents moved into our duplex in Randolph, MA in 1998.  It was a beautiful upgrade from our tolerable apartment in Harbor Point, MA. Even so, for the majority of years that I’ve lived here, this house always had roach problems.

What Happened?

Shamefully so, it got to that point. You know that point I’m talking about…

That periodic Raid spray here and glue trap there point. That point where there’s no money to spend on a got damn pest control company. A company that couldn’t even permanently resolve our roach problems over the course of more than a decade!

That point where your girlfriend seriously threatens to never visit you anymore because of those creepy crawlers roaming around.

The point where she leaves your house that same night and you get a little hungry. You go up to the kitchen and see a damp rag hanging messily on the counter. You pick it up only to witness this wonderful display of synchronicity.

Roach Problems

(Shiver goes down spine). Yeah, that is the point I put my Engineering hat on to do some extensive research.  I vowed to become the last house exterminator. Before I set forth to finally end  our roach problems, I made sure to spray that last bit of Raid.

Current Status?

As of the date I type this sentence (two years later), the house remains without any roaches. I’m still living in that house. I’m also still with that special girl who threatened to visit me less too!

I knew I needed to share my solution shortly after the several months we continued to witness zero roach problems. My issue was that I was unsure of the most effective way for me to present this solution. A couple years later, I have finally put together an info site that, I’m positive, will help millions!

Your Turn

I’ve done the hard part for you. I’ve done the research, applied the techniques, and found success! I documented what I’ve done and presented those findings here. I even created this detailed step by step brochure that you can download here for free!

All of this to say, there’s no excuse. Your roach problems should be well on the way to resolution if you’re reading the contents of this website. Follow the steps I’ve laid out for you in How To Get Rid Of Roaches Forever. Once you’ve found success, help someone else who has no idea how to tackle their roach problems!



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