Gentrol Point Source

Gentrol Point Source

Gentrol Point Source IGR

You can kill and massacre your roach infestation all you want but guess what? Without an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) like Gentrol Point Source, they’ll keep coming back uncontrollably!

More Keep Coming!

One of the main problems associated with ineffective pest control is the egg capsules laid my roaches. Each capsule can contain up to 40-50 baby roaches. Of those nymphs (baby roaches), the females can start breeding and laying egg capsules in about a month or so!

There lies the problem. You’re killing these roaches so fast yet these nymphs are growing and breeding just as fast. The population can explode uncontrollably in a very short period of time leaving you hopeless and defeated.

Roaches live in kitchen and bathroom cabinets. When the population increases, they’ll start to move into other rooms in your home. This is a sure sign of a developing roach infestation.

Gentrol Point Source IGR

How It Works

To activate Gentrol Point Source you simply squeeze the raised end of the plastic, adhesive-back device. This releases Gentrol IGR onto a filter paper. The IGR projects up to 75 square feet. This means that pests never need to come in contact with the device.

Hydroprene, the active ingredient in Gentrol Point Source, prevents nymphs from progressing to the adult stage. Therefore, its use along with Advion bait (method explained here) will not only ravage the whole population; It’ll prevent future infestations as well.

Place these bad boys behind your sinks, pipes, and anywhere you suspect heavy roach traffic. Do not place the devices in direct contact with food preparation surfaces or within two feet of exposed food.

Since the molecules are heaver than air, Gentrol is carried by currents into roach hiding places. Gentrol alone has the potential to keep infestations from getting absolutely out of control!

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3. Gentrol Point Source IGR

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