Advion Roach Gel

Advion Roach Gel

Advion Roach Gel

This is the bait that I used generously! Advion roach gel isn’t as clean an application as the Advion bait arenas but my goodness it’s just as lethal! With this bait you have free reign on where you can apply it.

Advion Roach Gel

Now, the manufacture instructs that all you need to apply is about pea sized amount of bait. As you can probably imagine, I did not follow that direction. I was too combative and frustrated with these roaches to restrict my applications to a measly pea size.

In our home, EVERY suspicious dark corner, crevice, baseboard, and hole received a thin sliver of Advion roach gel! Call it overkill but I’m guessing you can relate to my level of scorn towards these roaches.

The combination of Advion roach bait arenas and gel creates a death zone these roaches have never encountered. Combine those killers with an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) like Gentrol Point Source and voila. You’ve turned your home into a permanent extermination box!

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At your convenience, I’ve listed the three roach products that I used (see my actual receipt here) below. With those products, our roach infestation has since been nonexistent. I’d appreciate it if you used my affiliate links below. At no extra cost to you I will receive a small commission for being your reference.

Be sure to check out the countless personal reviews for each product as well!

1. Dupont Advion Cockroach Bait Arenas Pack of 60 (Full Case)

2. advion Roach Bait Gel

3. Gentrol Point Source IGR ZOE1007

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Don’t forget to download your free How To Get Rid of Roaches Forever brochure. It’ll save you time by showing you where and how to apply the products. Happy exterminating!


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