How to Get Rid Of Roaches Forever

How to Get Rid Of Roaches Forever

Why Does This Matter To You?

I created this website with the sole purpose of sharing my actual experience. As a result, if it impacts just ONE person’s life along the way, I’ve accomplished a greater mission. Listen, it only takes ONE success story to prove something works!

Yes, I feel just a tiny bit shameful sharing this experience with you. However, I have a SOLUTION to this worldwide problem. Therefore, I write to you unashamed and with the utmost confidence.

I lived in a roach infested home for 18 YEARS  (you can read my full story, No More Roach Problems!). Fed up, I decided to finally do something about it in 2016. After 18 years and TWO failed pest control campaigns, losing hope became the norm. What can I possibly do that these so called experts didn’t already try?

You’re here because you need an effective method on how to get rid of roaches forever…quickly…for free…right now…correct?

We’re constantly searching for answers to our everyday problems online and guess what? You’ve found yourself the rare moment where you’ll be receiving that solid answer…quickly…for freeright now.

Here’s How to Get Rid Of Roaches Forever

If you haven’t already realized it, here at, I believe in full transparency. Below are my receipts for the 3 roach products that I used back in 2016. Being a careful spender, I confidently chose them after about 2 straight hours of meticulous research. Hey, you’re welcome.

How to get rid of roaches forever - Product Receipts

If you don’t already own ANY of these roach infestation products, your first step is clear. GET THEM!

For your convenience, I’ve posted their links below (current retail prices at Amazon). As your reference to this solution, I would appreciate it if you snagged them through my affiliate links (below). At no extra cost to you, I will earn a small commission allowing me to keep this site running for years to come!

1. Dupont Advion Cockroach Bait Arenas Pack of 60 (Full Case)

2. advion Roach Bait Gel

3. Gentrol Point Source IGR ZOE1007

However, of course, if you prefer to search for them elsewhere, that’s fine too! The most important thing is that you GET them.

Tip: Bookmark this page for future reference in case they slip your mind.


Advion Cockroach Bait Arenas – So there’s this thing called crack, ever heard of it? Advion bait is the crack of the cockroach universe. Roaches literally find this poison irresistible! A speck of this lethal concoction is enough to wipe out a whole colony of cockroaches.Advion Roach Bait ArenaThis is Advion’s bait arena version. The crack (oops, I mean bait) is self-contained within the arena. Therefore, this makes it pet/children friendly, and EASY to use. You’ll simply drop the arena where traffic is common. It leaves no residue and can be mounted on your walls! For an in depth overview on this product, you can read my post here.


Advion Cockroach Gel Bait – Yes,  2 Advion products are listed here. That should speak volumes on their effectiveness (read my complete review here).Advion Cockroach GelA dab of this gel is really all you need in the high roach traffic corners of your home. I, however, was so intent on this roach massacre that a dab wouldn’t cut it for me. I, instead, pumped short slivers of gel along the baseboards and vents around my home (especially kitchen).

Moral of the story? Depending on your level of infestation, use this gel generously! 


Gentrol Point Source IGR – Any effective cockroach treatment requires an IGR (Insect Growth Regulator). This is the birth control of the cockroach world. It permanently prevents female roaches from reproducing therefore promoting a complete solution to your infestation (I’ve written a review here).

Gentrol Point Source

Pro TipPerfect places to mount IGRs (Insect Growth Regulators) are where roaches tend to frequently visit.

  • Behind Ovens
  • Pantries
  • Behind refrigerator
  • Bathrooms
  • Above/inside cabinets and drawers

Step By Step Instructions

So, obviously, the 3 products each have their own manuals to read through. Ugh. I feel the same way. Let’s not use anymore of your precious time. I’ve got you covered.

Free How To Get Rid of Roaches Forever Brochure

I took the liberty of creating this freestep by step brochure (download here). This will save you what we all value: Time and money.

It goes through everything that I literally did in our home. It will quickly illustrate how to prep and where to apply the products. Just look and execute. The actual application of the products consume the least amount of time. The majority of your time will probably be spent CLEANING your house (expect more on that later).

Why This Works

Here’s what experience has taught me. To successfully get rid of roaches forever, you MUST incorporate 2 methods:

  1. Kill and Massacre the ENTIRE roach population in your house using an effective and proven roach bait/poison.
  2. Sterilize any and ALL female cockroaches to prevent any future reproduction of the species.

Importance of Cleanliness

How to get rid of roaches forever - Dirty KitchenI’m going to use this moment to address a CRUCIAL factor. Sure you’ll annihilate the whole colony of roaches in your location, HOWEVER (and I’ll quote this);

“If you’re NOT regularly maintaining a CLEAN, DISH FREE, and DRY household, YOU’D BETTER START.”

Roaches are highly attracted to food, litter, and wet areas. They like to hang out in dark corners and crevices where hiding is optimal.

Pro Tip: Your kitchen should be top priority.

Importance of Cleanliness

Maintaining a clutter free and sanitary household is, therefore, imperative in order to get rid of roaches forever.

A house not up to code is almost always the reason for an infestation.

There isn’t a roach treatment program in the world that can combat poor house maintenance.

How Long Until I’m Roach Free?


Do what I’m sharing with you today and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be roach free within a month. Some of you will fully exterminate them in less time than my experience!

If you’re still seeing signs of cockroaches after a month of repetitive treatment, you’re certainly not following directions.

I’ve done the hard part for you. Simply download your free step by step brochure for optimal guidance.

How Will I Know It’s Working?

Dead cockroachesWhen you begin noticing roach carcasses across the floors, you know the treatment is in effect. As each day goes by, you’ll see more of their bodies laid out lifelessly(especially in your kitchen).

If that just put a wry smile on your face then welcome to the club.

Despite the grim yet satisfying appearance of it all, you may not want to sweep those dead roaches right away. Roaches will eat their own dead including their contaminated feces. In doing so, they effectively get poisoned as well!

Cockroaches in KitchenThe plague doesn’t stop there. Afterwards, they’ll scurry back to their nest and die there, therefore leaving more dead bodies for the rest to devour. This brutal chain reaction of death massacres the roach population at an incredible rate.

Our duplex (we live on one side), was completely roach free after 2 weeks. How long do you think it’ll take in your home? How many monthly payments went to that pest control company until you decided it wasn’t working out?


I’ve rambled longer than I intended to but I hope you’ve felt the passion and honesty through my words. It’s quite evident that hiring a pest control service isn’t necessary. Simple DIY methods and products are sufficient to completely get rid of roaches forever.

Consider yourself the last and final exterminator of your house. Send those creepy critters out packing!

Once you’ve finished, go and assist your neighbor. You’ll probably have some more products left to do so!

Make a difference in someone’s life.

If you found this publication helpful, please share it. Unfortunately, MANY people can’t even fathom how they’d get rid of roaches forever. This is because they’ve been living with the problem for so long, hope has been lost.

Bookmark this page so that you can return and share with us your success. We all can benefit from your story!

For added convenience, below are the links again to everything that you’ll need. Happy exterminating!

1. Advion Ant Bait Stations – 30 ct Bag

2. advion Roach Bait Gel

3. Gentrol Point Source IGR ZOE1007

4. FREE – How to Get Rid of Roaches Forever (step by step Brochure)